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“ My name is Louise Cox and I have studied Dog Psychology. I use these skills at Lou’s Dog Support. I have 3 dogs of my own and use them to help me understand problems your dog may be having. My satisfaction comes from seeing how dog’s can change their behaviour and become great pets.”  Louise

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My Services

Puppy Socialisation

I can help you decide what the best puppy is for you and I will support you while puppy is growing up. I can give you advice on how quickly to introduce your puppy to the house and other people. You don’t want to do too much too quickly. It is too overwhelming. The first 12 months are essential for your dog’s development and if this is done correctly you will have a lovely family pet. My dogs will be used to socialise the puppy at 12 weeks old, just after their jabs.  My dogs have been used to socialise numerous puppies and they are all bold with other dogs and have learnt respect from my dogs. Puppies learn a lot more from other older dogs than they do around people. I will be available on my mobile, home number and email if you have any issues, and will give you advice until you are confident to go it alone with your dog. I will help you to understand dog’s body language so you can read what your puppy is trying to tell you.

I work with you and my dogs to find a solution to your dogs behaviour issues.  Below are some of the more common issues I have helped resolved:

Nervousness & Neurotic behaviour

Separation anxiety & General anxiety

Sound sensitivity

Reactive to other dogs/people

Urinating in the house



Helping owners to be more confident with their dogs

Understanding dog behaviour on pack walks

Recall and general training

If your problem is not listed please contact me to discuss your problems. I love a challenge and strive to produce a happy content dog.

Pack Walks

Dogs are pack animals, and do get on with other dogs if they are allowed to without the owners getting involved. A dog feels more confident in a pack as they are sociable animals and need to get on with other dogs. If you have an older dog or a rescue dog who is nervous around other dogs, I can introduce them to my pack in a gentle way and get them confident around other dogs. I have socialised a lot of dogs with mine and the results are amazing. I have a very balanced pack and they all bring something different to other dogs.