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“ My name is Louise Cox and I have studied Dog Psychology. I use these skills at Lou’s Dog Support. I have 3 dogs of my own and use them to help me understand problems your dog may be having. My satisfaction comes from seeing how dog’s can change their behaviour and become great pets.”  Louise

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My Location

Lou’s Dog Support is based in Suckley, in The Malvern Hills in Worcestershire and covers this county and Herefordshire. The hills are a fabulous place to work and train with my 3 dogs and the many other canine friends I have met over the years.

Working With Wolves

In November I went to Coombe Martin for a week’s course on Dog Behaviour with Shaun Ellis, the man who lived with Wolves and the subject of a Channel 4 documentary.

It was an amazing week.

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Group Sessions

I use my dogs to let me know what problems other dogs are having.  In watching how my dogs react to other dogs I can tell if the owner needs to change their ways or if the dogs need behaviour modification.

My Dogs …

Storm - Storm is a young black Labrador who met 80 different dogs in the first 4 months of her life. Due to this she is very understanding of dog etiquette.  She is great with puppies and very respectful of all other dogs.  Storm is great for socialising with nervous and confident dogs.   

Smokey - A Black Labrador cross Rottweiler. 14 Years old. I puppy walked Smokey for Guide dogs for the blind. Unfortunately he was rejected because of noise sensitivity on the road.  Smokey is a very quiet dog and never wants to be top dog. He just wants a quiet life but loves his walks, swimming and playing with his ball. He is a great dog to use to introduce him to dogs who are nervous of other dogs. He never gives eye contact to another dogs so is never a threat to them. He is also great with puppies and very gentle and puts up with them jumping all over them and sniffing round his mouth. All the dogs we meet love Smokey. I have a list of people who would love to have him and I am so lucky he is mine.

Cadbury - A Chocolate Labrador. 7 Years old. I rescued him from the RSPCA at 5 months old. He was dumped on Stourport Common. He is a lovely boy and is great with dogs who have got loads of energy. He can play as rough as they like or is a gentle giant to the puppies. He is known as Uncle Cadbury. I use him to give dogs confidence. He wants to be friends with all the dogs he meets, he is a great socialiser and very good with puppies.

Dogs of all ages welcome

I have also puppy walked five Guide dog puppies. Three of which made it to working guide dogs, one was used as a stud dog one was rejected because of noise sensitivity on the road.  He also went on to do training for dogs for the disabled but was rejected for the same reason.  He is now back with me.

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* Please note that Dog Training Days will start later on this year but I am still available for one-to-one training for one to two hour sessions.

More about what I do ...

When I have visiting dogs to stay, I love watching the changing dynamics of my pack with each new introduction. I have socialised numerous puppies with my pack and the pups grow up to be confident well rounded dogs when they mature.

Seeing how different my dogs are when other dogs come to stay or when I go to friends who have other dogs. I love to see happy dogs and my challenge is to make all dogs happy and also to help owners understand their silent body language. I have socialised numerous puppies with my pack and they grow up confident around other dogs and are well rounded dogs when they mature. It is a well known fact that a puppy can learn more from an adult dog than a human can teach them.